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In November, Dan Helmer wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post calling on Congress to revive the two billion spent on VA construction projects to help veterans that are struggling with homelessness. In January, Dan Helmer wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post calling on the Trump Administration to support VA psychological health and suicide prevention initiatives. He is going to get the voice of grassroots democracy to the halls of Congress and fight to increase Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid so that every American has a chance to access affordable health care.

Dan Helmer is going to represent Virginia in Congress included in a progressive Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives. While in California he was able to talk for almost 300 State Legislators at their yearly meetings which are carried out across the State. Helmer was directed to join the Congressional Club because of his years of experience together with the State Legislators in New California and York. He supports abortion rights, gay marriage, same-sex adoption and open borders, gun control and some type of single-payer health care, a place most Republicans consider anathema.

Helmer says he has an open mind about spending and taxes and it is not wedded to any specific party, although over one conservative blog has known as him a conservative lite RINO. What sort of Republican would he be? Join The Team of ours. Join the team of ours and also help us earn your vote. There is an enormous amount of work being performed to build an even better future for Virginia. That is why we want the help of yours.

I visit the election of Corbyn as significant not only as it is going to usher in likely the most left wing Labour Party government in many years, but also because it’ll be a victory for individuals power – the millions that voted for Corbyn at every single level of the Labour Party. At exactly the same period, these votes speak to the failure of New Labour, a party which has abandoned millions in favour of globalised totally free market capitalism.

Corbynism represents an expression of optimism, that Britain’s men and women are able to result in actual change. Under Herring, the state has defended abortion and ObamaCare. And he supports the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Attorney general Mark Herring. But at odds with other GOP candidates, Herring supports legalizing same-sex marriage. He opposes radical restrictions on guns but favors more regulation.

This constant commitment refer to this site the military has granted him a unique viewpoint on the demands of both active-duty personnel and veterans – a view he brings to the job of his inside the Virginia House of Delegates. Upon going back from active duty, Dan’s desire to deliver did not wane.

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